"I worked with Jeff in a litigation matter where he served as an expert witness. He had a fantastic knowledge of the subject matter: the music industry. Plus, he was great to work with. He understood the process and was able to deliver a first-rate report on schedule." 

-       Zachary Freeman, Partner at Miller Shakman & Beem LLP


“Based on his many years and broad range of practical experience, I offer an enthusiastic recommendation for Jeff Rougvie as a music industry expert. Jeff served as a music industry expert for our case in the Central District of California. His analysis was thorough and well developed, his report was organized and well-written, and his deposition testimony was articulate and credible. The case settled before trial but I am confident he has the experience and professionalism to make an ideal expert witness at trial.”

-       Courtney Palko, Partner at Blecher, Collins, Pepperman & Joye, P.C.


Both of these cases ended in settlements, much to my client's delight.  

As everyone knows, it takes a team AND HARD WORK to move the needle.

YOUR Expert is an important part of that team.